Drawing is the first natural God given ‘talent’ I can remember. For the most part it came easy to me, and was always my favorite thing to do in school. I was heavily into art during my teens, but opted out of an art scholarship to ‘join a band and go on tour’ instead. Though I was paid frequent visits by the art muse, I pushed her aside to court music, my newest love at the time. No regrets there, but I did put my art ‘skills’ on the back burner for far too many years. Then one day I realized how much I was cheating my family and myself by not creating (non musical) art. What woke me up? I saw the same natural artistic abilities that I remember from my younger days developing in my own kids (of course, I must mention here that they also have a very talented and artistic mother, so I can’t take all the credit). I almost panicked as this thought crossed my mind; ‘how can I encourage them to develop their God given talents when I don’t even use mine anymore? So, I dug out the old art box and a sketch pad and went to work. I realized then how much I missed the creative process and the concentrated flow of energy as I put marks onto paper. Hello Art, I missed you, and I’m back.