Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure how frequently a question has to be asked to be considered a ‘Frequently Asked Question’, so, I searched ‘top questions for real estate agents‘ on Google and compiled some of the most frequently (and maybe not so frequently) asked, along with my answers. If you have a question that doesn’t show up here, please send it to me via the contact page by clicking here.

Do you work full or part-time as a real estate agent?
I work in real estate full-time (and then some). Helping people in real estate is the core of what I do, it’s not a ‘side gig’ or something I do on weekends for extra money (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s how I support my family, consisting of my beautiful wife, three kids, and a dog.

What aspects of the transaction will you personally handle and which will be delegated to others?
I’m personally involved and have eyes on your entire buying or selling transaction, AND I work with a carefully selected team dedicated to making your experience easy, fun, and as stress-free as possible. Yes, I said fun, I might even make you a balloon animal…I don’t mean ‘poof’ I’ll magically turn you into a balloon animal, I mean actually inflating a balloon and then twisting and turning it until it hopefully resembles some sort of animal. And when I say I work with a team, I don’t mean I pass off the paperwork to an assistant because I’m too busy to bother. The team at Chord is a group- more like a family really, of professionals with different skill sets and areas of specialty who are there to support you through your home buying or selling journey.

Can you give me a written CMA and a list of homes currently on the market? Yes! I would just need some basic information about your current home, or if you’d like a ‘quick CMA’ click here!

I’m looking to buy a home, can you help me find what properties are available? Sure, I can have new listings fitting your criteria automatically emailed to you in real time, just ask, or click here to search available properties.

Do you have experience with new construction and can you explain the new home building process to me? Absolutely! I used to work exclusively for a home builder, and I have experience with other local builders. Though no two home builders are exactly alike, I can talk you through the process and answer any questions to the best of my ability. If there’s a question about a particular builder or process that I don’t know, I’ll find out.

How long have you been a real estate agent and how much education have you received? I received my real estate license in January of 2016. I have completed the required 90 hours of education to get licensed, plus an additional 50-plus hours continuing education. You can verify my license status (along with that of any other licensed agent in the state of Tennessee) and my continuing education by entering my name into the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance website (please enter my first name as Anthony, my given birth name).

Is your real estate license in good standing and have you ever been subject to a customer complaint? Yes, my license is in good standing (you can verify here No, I have not to my knowledge been subject to a customer complaint.

Can you provide me the names and numbers of past clients for references? Out of respect for our clients, all personal information is kept confidential. You can, however, read some of our client testimonials on the Chord web page by clicking here.

Do you work with stagers or will you stage my home? Both! Not only am I fortunate enough to work on the same team with professional stagers, the Chord experience includes a detailed home staging consultation. Should your home require professional staging, we can help you coordinate the whole thing.

How often will you communicate with me? I’ll be your main point of contact, so we’ll communicate regularly via your preferred form of communication, be it phone, text, email, or in person at the sales office. I’ll keep you posted on all developments during the buying or selling process, and I’m always available to help with questions. Should there be an occasion where I’m not immediately available, I’ll ask a member of the team to reach out and assist you, so you’re not kept waiting.

Why should I hire you over your competition? Because my mission isn’t to make a sale, my mission is to help you find the home that’s best for you. If I’m not able to help you, I’ll tell you so. And if you’re thinking maybe we’re not a good fit, you can tell me, I’m pretty sure it won’t hurt my feelings.

Do you have a website or blog? Yes, please visit

Are you (or are you related to) Tony De La Rosa, the Tejano music star? No, but click here to view his Wikipedia page, just in case that’s who you’re looking for.

Are you the Tony De La Rosa from the rock group Renegade? Yes, check this out

Is it true you once shared the stage with David Hasselhoff? Yes, here’s a video

Do you miss California? Yes, mostly my family, the friends I grew up with, and Disneyland.

Do you miss playing music? Yes, most definitely, so I focus my creativity on business and coming up with answers to frequently asked questions.

What haven’t I asked you that I need to know? Who shot first, Han or Greedo? Answer: Han

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