The cold hard truth about real estate agent slogans (and why they sometimes make an agent appear less mighty)

Bad real estate agent slogan crime-fighter

If you’re a real estate agent, this could be the most important post in your career…maybe even your life.

Of all the issues that plague the real estate agent world today, this could be the most critical to the growth and prosperity of our industry; the real estate agent slogan.

Now I’m not the smartest guy in the room, and I’m guessing I’m not the first to say that most real estate agent slogans are lame, lack imagination, are not original, and are generally boring (that’s putting it kindly). Sorry if this pertains to you or someone you know.

But all hope is not lost. By the time you’re finished reading this you’ll have a better idea if you have a good slogan, or if you have a bad slogan and have been in the dark about it because no one has had the heart to tell you.

Where do these slogans come from anyway?

The slogans below are examples from a website that teaches agents how to generate their own slogan (yes, such a website really does exist). OK, to be fair, not all of them suck, but in a world where the customer is more educated and has access to instant information, most of these seem cliche, trite, overused, and above all they don’t represent the individuality of the agent.

I hired you because of the slogan on your business card (said no one, ever)

I’ve read some agent slogans and wonder if the agent actually believes that someone is going to read their slogan and think “Gee, that’s the agent I’m going to hire!” I doubt it. And I’m not bashing agents who have/use a slogan, unless of course their slogan is the same as every other agent in the area because they all got their slogan from the same website (and even then, I’m not bashing, just trying to encourage greater imagination and creativity in their marketing).

Ever wonder what people (in particular, potential clients) think of your slogan?

Here are a few of the better…or worse slogans I found, along with what just might be a true life reply from a potential client (oh, who am I foolin’, I don’t really think anyone would respond this way, these are just my snarky come backs). Please note, these are real slogans and slogan examples I found online (and have even seen printed on business cards, or used in email signatures). If you use one of these and it’s working, more power to you.

  •  The Agent That Works Harder After The Closing Papers Are Signed (Yeh, right, like anybody will believe that)
  • A Local Expert (So is just about anybody with a smart phone these days)
  • Your referral is the best compliment I can earn! (Shouldn’t the best compliment be that the buyer worked with you in the first place? Using this slogan is like saying ‘I can’t wait to sell your home, but I’m way more excited about selling your friends home!)
  • A Cut Above The Rest (How so? it’s definitely not your hair, I’ve seen better cuts from a Flobee)
  • Selling San Diego (Only the #1 agent in San Diego can actually use this one…the lucky guy/girl)
  • Helping New Yorkers Move Since 1983 (OK…are you an agent, or a moving company?)
  • Building Dallas (Oil built Dallas, you ain’t fooling anybody)
  • Going Above And Beyond (Shouldn’t you just do that anyway?)
  • Helping Clients Get More Home For Less Money (See above)
  • Beautiful Places To Live (Gee, thank you for sparing me all the ugly places, you obviously know I value my time)
  • Helping You Find Home (Oh wow, you do that too? I had no idea)
  • Turning Transactions Into Relationships (Way too scandalous sounding)
  • Getting The Most Value For Your Property (Shouldn’t you do that anyway? That’s sort of why I hired you)
  • Committed To Getting The Results You Deserve (Maybe you should be committed for using that slogan)
  • Don’t List With Me Unless You’re Ready To Sell (Now there’s a stroke of brilliance)
  • Our Relationship Only Starts With Your First Sale (So, if I don’t sell with you we have no relationship)
  • Everything I List Turns To Sold (If that were true, you wouldn’t be using that cheesy slogan)
  • I’m Here To Serve You (Thank you, I’m not very hungry, maybe just a garden salad – oh, how’s the Veal tonight?)
  • A Name You Can Trust (OK good, then you won’t mind if I consult the U.S. government’s official list of trustworthy names, just so I can confirm you’re is actually on it?)
  • Great Things Come Out Of All My Transactions (This one…well, it’s just not good, trust me on this)
  • Where Would You Rather Live? (Well, I’d rather live in Beverly Hills, but I’m on a budget, that’s why I hired you)
  • Your Concern Is My Priority (Gee thanks, I thought you were just here to collect your commission)
  • I’ll Find Your Ideal Home (Well, yeah, that was the general idea when I hired you)
  • If you’re asked to suggest an agent, I hope I’ve earned your referral (OK, I actually like this one)
  • In Another Class (If you really are, I’ll be able to tell that by the shoes you wear and the car you drive…if you have to advertise it, it probably isn’t true)
  • Bringing Only Professionalism (Sorry, I was looking for an amateur, do you know anybody?)
  • Digital Marketing Specialist (This is a great one if your buyer actually knows what a digital marketing specialist is)
  • The Realtor For You (Yeh, that’s what the previous agent had printed on his business card too)
  • Using My Experience To Help You (Yes, that was sort of the idea I was hoping for)
  • Sell For More. Buy For Less (Rapture! I had never thought of that!)

Do you really have to have a slogan?

To be clear, I have nothing against using a slogan. But rather than use something that is being used by someone else, sounds corporate, or comes from a website, why not try to come up with a slogan that is a reflection of you as an agent?

  • What is unique about you?
  • How can you appeal on a ‘human’ level?
  • Is it something that makes people think of you?
  • Is it memorable?

And believe me, the struggle is real. I’ve sat and written down plenty of slogan ideas, but never used any of them because they sounded too contrived and would have been perfect for the list above.

Be great, be you, the slogan will follow

Be different, be you, and don’t think you have to look, act, or do anything the same way as anybody else, including having a slogan. In an industry where many people want to be given a map to follow to get to their success destination, dare to be the one who paves their own way, stand out and be a rock star, your good reputation will get you more business and referrals than any slogan you can come up with.

Are you an agent with a bad slogan? Are you a buyer or seller working with an agent with a bad slogan? In either case, I probably can’t help you, but if you’re looking to connect with an agent who doesn’t have a slogan, and can help you with Nashville real estate, I just might be the guy for you. contact me here, or feel free to stalk me on social media.

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