The thief that steals time


Don’t let negative thoughts get you down. Sounds so ‘self-help’ and ‘motivational’, doesn’t it?

But think about it; we never know how many years, days, or hours we have left, and still it’s easy to let negativity steal moments from us. And sometimes so hard to ‘choose our mood’ and only think positive thoughts.

So how about this; when you have a negative thought, go ahead and have that moment, feel how you want/need to feel, sulk, let a Cure song run through your head, maybe even act like Toby Maguire in Spider-Man 3. Just don’t let it own you. Don’t let it rob you of time that can be spent on better thoughts, or better things. And don’t push the positive thoughts away when they try to make their way in.

Don’t let negativity be the thief that steals time from your life, it’s never worth it.